11 European painters


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De catalogus “11 european painters” is gepubliceerd door Europalia Brussel
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Jaar: 1985/1986
Taal: Engels, Frans, Russisch
Afmeting: 21 x 29,50 cm
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Introduction 11 European painters

The idea of organizing an exhibition of contemporary European painting in Athens originated with the E.E.C. This proposal, and the support given by the Commission of the European Communities, has allowed Europalia to mount this exhibition.

In Athens, which is the cultural capital of Europe this year, we have had the invaluable assistance of Dr. Dimitris Papastamos, Head Curator of the National Art Gallery and Alexander Soutzos Museum, who most efficiently arranged that the necessary space and technical aid be made available.

The basic idea was to mount an exhibition of contemporary painting in which each member state of the E.E.C. would be represented by one artist.
As the host country, Greece would not be represented but would welcome the other eleven E.E.C.countries to Athens.

Next year, when Florence will be the European cultural capital, Greece will be invited to provide a representative artist, along with the other countries.

Our task consisted, therefore, to choose for each country – Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain – one
artist whose work is representative of the contemporary art scene in his country.
‘This artist should have already exhibited both in his own country and abroad and have given proof of both a personal approach and original development.

The exhibition, Eleven Enropean Painters, is based on a selection by a jury of three and presents a particular outlook on the European art scene.

The artists selected belong to the same generation, 1940 being the cut-off date of birth
During the past few years many exhibitions of contemporary art have been held and many young artists have suddenly been discovered and have benefitted from immediate wide recognition.

At the same time other artists and other trends have continued to appear
In fact, though certain artistic trends are clearly visible in Europe (and in the United States) it is the individual approach which is the dominant factor.


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