Another look (gelimiteerde oplage)


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Another look (gelimiteerde oplage)
New angles on contemporary artists from Holland
Boek is voorzien van slipcase
151 pagina’s
Jaar: 1990
Taal: Engels
Afmeting: 24,50 x 27 cm
ISBN: 90-9002931-1 / 9090029311

Bijzonderheden: gelimiteerde en genummerde oplage van 1000 stuks.
Dit is nummer 544 van de 1000

Conditie: de slipcase heeft verkleuring alsmede oppervlakkige beschadigingen.
De rug van het boek is licht verkleurd, verder in nieuwstaat conditie.

De kunstenaars welke genoemd worden (in aflabetische volgorde)

Marina Abramovic, Erik Andriesse, Armando, Ansuya Blom, Frank van den Broeck, Constant, Eli Content, Marlene Dumas, Ger van Elk, Fortuyn/O’Brien, Kees de Goede, J.C.J van der Heyden, Rob van Koningsbruggen, Ger Lataster, Lucassen, Lucebert, Thom Puckey, Jan Roeland, Rob Scholte, Jan Schoonhoven, Marien Schouten, Han Schuil, P. Struycken, Ton van Summeren, Ulay, Peer Veneman, Toon Verhoef, Emo Verkerk, Henk Visch, Carel Visser, Leo Vroegindeweij, Co Westerik

“Another look

Another look at artists in Holland.
They are more than worthy of our attention.
We wanted to provide others with an opportunity of experiencing the working world of these people and show them amidst their art.

Each portrait is based on three views: first, the person of the
artist; second, the art they produce; and third, the working space, which
could be a studio but equally well something as intangible as the
atmosphere surrounding an artist.
Inspired by these three elements the portraits gradually evolved.
They progress from complicated scenes in which the figure of the artist
is only one of a number of objects in the photograph. They move
through pictures that combine part of the person with part of his work.
They conclude with the face only, almost larger than life, the features
nearly protruding from the page. Furthermore the scene in some of the
portraits was inspired by themes found in the artists’ own work.

To complement the portraits, another look at the artists is given in
words. We asked three art historians, each of whom has a different
style and approach, to write about these artists. Their pieces range
from lyrical descriptions, through academic discussions, to a selection
of statements made by the artists.
The introductory essay is by art critic Anna Tilroe, who takes
another look at the framework within which artists function in the
Netherlands. She offers information for those unfamiliar with the
intricacies of Dutch art policy and she gives an appreciation of the
diversity and quality of modern Dutch art.

Together with Dennis Hogers who was also involved in the
planning of this book, we compiled a selection of artists. We then asked
for comments and criticism from contemporary art specialists and
museum curators in the Netherlands. We are extremely grateful to the
following for their valuable suggestions: Geert van Beijeren; Marie
Hélène Cornips; Hendrik Driessen; Sjarel Ex; Alexander van Grevenstein;
Frank Lubbers; and Edy de Wilde

Regretfully, not all the artists whom we had selected were able to
appear in the book.

The three authors, Marja Bosma, Leo Delfgaauw and Pietje
Tegenbosch worked with unflustered enthusiasm and attention to detail
and we value highly all they contributed, from start to finish, to the
production of this book.

Where would we be without our artists? They certainly deserve
another look. We want to thank them, both for taking part in this project
and for offering us new doors of perception.

Suzanna de Sitter and Rob Versluys”