Art in red light


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Art in red light
De Oude Kerk Amsterdam 2005
ca. 68 pagina’s, ongenummerd
Jaar: 2005
Taal: Engels
Afmeting: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: niet van toepassing

Conditie: in nette staat

Art in red light

Art has no limits, is universal. Often said and yet so true.
In a figurative way, for art is not bound to any language; it speaks for itself. And literaly, for artists are known to seek their inspiration outside their own borders, in different countries and cultures.

Still a lot of artists do come up against boundaries, the frontiers of their own atelier.
And as a result far too much work remains hidden. How can one preak through these barriers?
How do we make work accessible to the broadest public possible?

Stichting Art in Redlight steps beyond established routes, and facilitates 33 artists in a unique co-operative event.

An art exposition in an equally exciting as professional setting: De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.
The unusual combination of famous and up-and-coming participants and the interesting mix of different
nationalities resulted in a dynamic and multifaceted exhibition.

This catalogue gives a good impression of the versatility of the exposed works of art.
Flat or three dimensional, abstract or figurative subtle or ecstatic…one thing all works have in common: they are of extremely high standard.
A testimony of great creative force.

Stichting Art in Redlight is an initiative of Simone Swildens, Harm van Wieren and Sven B. Wolffers