Die edelstein gravierkunst


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Die edelstein gravierkunst
The art of gemstone engraving
L’art de la gravure sur pierresprecieuses
34 pagina’s
Talen: Duits, Engels, Frans
Afmeting: 17 x 24 cm
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‘Die edelstein gravierkunst
The engraving of gemstones is a very ancient art which has just claim to be considered the equal
of other fine arts
Its 6000-years history not only reflects past cultures, but also proves that from earliest times
man has striven to perfect the difficult process of shaping gem materials
The so-called “Jade culture” of ancient China has produced some unique examples of carved vessels and sculptures which are among the finest examples of the gem-engraver’s art extant
Early Mediterranean civilizations – Sumerians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, and finally the Romans – all practiced gem-carving and fashioned scarabs, cameos, chalices, imagery and seals from precious stones.
Pyrgoteles, the ourt lapidary of Alexander the Great, and Dioscurides at the court of the Emperor Augustus both created works which to this day serve as standards of reference in the field of gem-
In the Middle Ages, the engraver’s art complenented that of the goldsmith.
In Augsburg Vienna, Paris and St. Petersburg many unique pieces of high artistic merit were created in
combination with precious metals
The hardness and relative indestructibility of gemstone materials has been chiefly responsible
for the survival of numerous great masterpieces of ancient and medieval provenance which can be seen and admired in famous museums and art galleries of the world
Today, Idar-Oberstein with its centuries-old lapidary tradition provides the ideal conditions for a
fresh flowering of the gemstone-carving and engraving arts
Cameo engraving was brought to ldar-Oberstein from Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century, and a little later the engraving of crests was introduced from Prague.
With the general development and growth of the gem-cutting industry in and around ldar-0berstein at thattime, it was almost inevitable that the ornamentation of vessels and the creation of sculptures from
gem materials should also achieve prominence
The actual methods used in gem-engraving have changed very little since ancient times, but it is
by no means established that the coming of electricity for the motive power, or the presentday use of tiny diamond tools, have broughtabout any significant improvementin the quality of work
This only goes to show that it is skill, enthusiasm and a real talent for artistic expression which
are the essential requisites for mastering the art of engraving:
Our firm has for four generations placed special emphasis on gemstone engraving, alongside its
other lapidary activities
In the context of our very comprehensive exhibition of gemstones, we have also assembled an extensive collection of originals and fine reproductions spanning all ages and cultures of the
engraver’s art.
This exhibition is always open to the trade and we invite you to view it, quite without any obligation to buy, next time you visit Idar-Oberstein.
With this booklet we hope to sustain and further an interest in gemengraving and carving.
More over, we aim thereby to promote a better understanding of our trade which, we believe, even in
these often hectic times, is not so completely absorbed in money matters as to neglectits proud
cultural heritage.
We much appreciate your interest and remain
always at your service
A. Ruppenthal K. G.’
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