First solo exhibition of paintings by Sheila Makhijani


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First solo exhibition of paintings by Sheila Makhijani
Tentoonstellingscatalogus Centre for contemporary art, Connaught place New Delhi 20 december 1989 – 6 januari 1990
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Taal: Engels
Afmeting: 22 x 22 cm
ISBN: niet van toepassing

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First solo exhibition of paintings by Sheila Makhijani

‘Two years ago I saw Sheila’s work for the first time.
A big orange canvas made my visit to the annual exhibition of works of students from the Delhi College of Art more than worthwhile.

A small horizontal green paper with a piece of jute glued on it aded to the joy of having just met a very powerful, highly original painter who absorbs the beauty of Indian light and colour, only to transform, intensify and reflect it into works of art like those now on display at CCA.

Certainly, there is no accounting for taste.
Blue may be your favourite colour, or red; bright or dim, dark or light, shady colouring or sharp contours.

You may look for symbols or messages in art, for abstract enlightenment or confrontation with suffering.
In art everything is permitted as long as it is real.
This is true for the artist; it is also true for the observer who even has the freedom to recognise a good work of art without liking it; to love it today but not tomorrow and to like it again the day after

Right from the beginning I was stunned by Sheila Makhijani’s powerful colouring, by her easy eloquence with the brush, by her vibrance and zest for life, by her technical skill.

Her love for the sheer act of drawing or painting, for the movement of the hand with charcoal or brush, is all embracing.
As is her experimental attitude.
While each painting remains whole in its own right, every single one is also a new and satisfying learning experience

To introduce Sheila’s works to you I summarize some of what she told me about her work as I understood it.

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