India contemporary art


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India contemporary art
India contemporary art is een tentoonstellingscatalogus ter gelegenheid van de eerste Inventure collectie in de World Trade Center Club Amsterdam
55 pagina’s
Jaar: 1989
Taal: Nederlands, Engels
Afmeting: 23 x 23 cm
ISBN: niet van toepassing

Conditie: zeer goed

Voorwoord ‘India contemporary art’
I am happy that Inventure bv is sponsoring a first ever exhibition of contemporary Indian art outside the museum.
This attempt to link trade with business is very novel.
Bringing out a catalogue on this occasion is also very appropriate.

India has important traditions of painting including the murals of Ajanta and Ellora and other frescoes, the Buddhists, the Rajputs and Kangra schools.
The Bengal renaissance and the modern trend bring it to the present.

While the modern trends in Europe and elsewhere have influenced modern Indian painting, Indian folk art and themes have been successfuly revived and accepted.
Contemporary Indian art is as varied and multi-various as life- truth itself.

The modern Indian artist respects his material though he does not hold it sacrosanct He experiments and explores, looking down on nothing, taking nothing for granted.
Such expressions, or fanning in all directions has now been going on with increasing momentum on the Indian scene for several decades.

The late Sailoz Mookherjee, during and after his stay in Europe – particularly in the Netherlands in the early thirties brought the idiom of modern art to India.
India has produced famous painters in this field like Ara, Hebber, Ram Kumar, Krishna Reddy, Satish Gujral and others.
I hope bringing out this catalogue will highlight that awareness and play a useful role in Indo-Dutch bilateral relations, particularly in the cultural field and its linkages to the trade as being envisaged.
I wish it a success

V.K. Grover
Ambassador of India