Modern jewelry


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Modern jewelry
Design and techniques
Irena Brynner
95 pagina’s
Taal: Engels
Afmeting: 19,50 x 20 cm
Jaar: 1968
ISBN: 0-442-21141-4 / 0442211414

Conditie: in nette staat

Inhoud ‘Modern jewelry’
– Equipment and techniques
– Constructed jewelry
– Forged jewelry
– Wax-modeling
– Working with sheet was
– Texturing
– Building a ring
– Working with wax wires
– Sculpture
– Bibliography


In Modern Jewelry Irena Brynner approaches the reader as an individual sharing her experiences as designer and craftsman.
The introduction, fully illustrated with a great variety of her jewelry, unfolds the author’s creative development as a teacher and practicing artist-craftsman of international recognition
A number of jewelry techniques -including constructing, forging and modeling wax for casting- are
covered with captioned photographs, showing every detail of materials and procedure.
The book is richly illustrated throughout with the author’s beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff
links, brooches, and small sculpture pieces


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