Novidades da Holanda / News from the Netherlands


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Novidades da Holanda / News from the Netherlands
Estudo sobre jóias / A jewelry survey
101 pagina’s
Jaar: 1990
Taal: Engels, Portugees
Afmeting: 21 x 29,50 cm
ISBN: niet van toepassing

Conditie: in zeer nette staat

Preface ‘Novidades da Holanda / News from the Netherlands’

Although European integration – in the context of that magical year 1992- has primarily an economic background, this process will also have important consequences for culture.

Borders will become indistinct, distances seem to shrink and cultural confrontation seems inevitable.
Culture in Europe has its own dynamic in which national developments will continue to play an important role.
In the applied arts in Europe, it wil be generated by the relationship between tradition and renewal.

From the 1970s onwards, Dutch jewelry designers went through a development that was centred around experimentation in new materials and forms.
The freedom these artists and designers claimed for themselves led to a great diversity of designs and objects.

At the invitation of the Gulbenkian Foundation, Dutch Form has made a selection from the work of circa forty artists and designers, which reflexts Dutch jewelry objects in the 1980s.
We hope that this selection will contribute to the discussion, also taking place beyond the Dutch borders, about qualitative developments in jewelry design.

The aim Dutch Form has set itself is to promote the quality and presentation of applied applied art and design.
The basic assumption here is the important and specific place applied art and design occupies within the contemporary arts.
As Dutch Form is a relatively new organisation, the Dutch contribution to this presentation could only be realised through the enormous dedication and involvement of a number of Dutch artists and designers.

In particular I would like to thank Eleonoor van Beusekom, who assumed responsibility for the organisation, Anna Beeke and Ron Zilstra, who did the photography, Marjan Unger for
her essay and Godfried Konings, who did the graphic design of the catalogue
Last but not least, a word of thanks to the Gulbenkian Foundation, who made it possible to
realize “News from the Netherlands”, and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for
providing a grant.
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