Patrick Hobbs-Paper hands (opdracht+gesigneerd)


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Patrick Hobbs-Paper hands
64 pagina’s
Jaar: 2001
Taal: Engels
Afmeting:13,50 x 21,50 cm
ISBN: 0-9540195-0-4 / 0954019504
ISBN13: 9780954019501

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Conditie: zeer goed

I lean between gifts
So weightless
They bold me

Patrick Hobbs was born in South America and grew up in England.
Since completing a degree in History at Bristol he has worked with social services in London and Liverpool, spent time making bread in a monastery, managed a bar, made furniture, and
set up and run an art gallery.

Twice winner of the Jack Clemo Prize, this is his first book
“Crafted poems, both pertinent and tender.
Stewart Henderson