Speaking stones


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Speaking stones
Eva Kipp / Jan de Bruin
ongenummerde pagina’s
Jaar: 2003
Afmeting: 12,50 x 20 cm
Taal: Engels
ISBN: niet van toepassing

Bijzonderheden: de website van mw. Eva Kipp vermeldt het boek ‘Speaking stones’ in de categorie “Kleine oplages”.
Na contact te hebben gezocht met mw. Eva Kipp blijkt dat het boekwerk ‘Speaking stones’ in een oplage van slechts 200 stuks is gedrukt.

Conditie: zeer goed

Speaking stones
In the seventeenth century Dutch ships from the VOC (East India Company) sailed, full of employees under
contract and their wives and children towards an uncertain future

From 1656 – 1796 Dutch people lived a pious Christian life under the tropical sun amidst sweet smelling
temple flowers, pink lotus flowers, colourful birds and butterflies.

The devil-dance, the caves full of ancient paintings and the Hindu temples probably were not seen by most of them because they did not go further than the weekly visit to the church

The women prepared Dutch dishes and cheese
‘Koekie’ and ‘boontje’ are still Sri Lankan words

Soldiers guarded the forts on the coast
But what of the other aspects of their lives?
The texts and decorations on the graves tell of early marriages and short lives.
Of sorrow, love and desires.
Giving birth, illnesses, fights, alcohol, the heavy lid of a coffin and a wild boat ride did make an end to Dutch lives
In this book texts from gravestones, together with poems, decorations from graves and various colourful
fragments of Ceylon, tell about Dutch lives 400 years ago.

Eva Kipp found the grave-texts; she rubbed the gravestone ornaments and made the colour
Jan de Bruin created the poems inspired by the grave texts.
Julie Kuperus did the final editing
Lennart Bes from the National Archive in the Hague kindly provided us historical advises