The art of the Aboriginal Australian


The art of the Aboriginal Australian
“This exhibition has been assembled by the Aaustralian Department of Aboriginal Affairs.
Its tour is being organised by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

The catalogue was designed by Mrs. Mary White of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs Australia, and printed by Solai Press, 10, Jalan 213, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia”
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Afmeting: 24 x 24 cm
Taal: Engels
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The Aboriginals are the indigenous people of Australia; their origin is uncertain although it is generally accepted that they came to Australia from South East Asia by way of Indonesia.

Since coming to the continent more than 30,000 years ago the Aboriginals lived as hunting and food gathering people until forced to adapt to European ways.
Religion links the people, their land and nature through the ancestral beings, the pre-existence and re-incarnation of spirits, totemism, mythology and ritual.

The Aboriginals have considerable cultural diversity and express themselves aesthetically through a rich heritage of art and a wealth of songs, music and verbal “literature”


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